This modern weekend house lies on a small, flat property in East Hampton, Long Island. Beautiful old trees punctuate the landscape, acting as a framework for and motivation behind our design. A square entry-court straddles the boundary between nature and home; it shelters a striking crape myrtle. The house’s exterior stucco, brick, and wood surfaces express intersecting one- and two-story volumes, outlining the courtyard, second floor terrace, and mass of the fireplace.
Glass expanses on the side and rear of the house open interior rooms to the landscape. Simple, durable materials such as flagstone floors accommodate the house’s functional requirements as a beach house. A large pool is placed for seclusion at the rear corner of the property, surrounded by a hedge for maximum privacy.
Key People
Marc Leff
Project Lead

Deborah Berke Partners

Architect and Interior Designer

Margie Ruddick Landscape

Landscape Designer

Ross Dalland PE

Structural Engineer


Metropolitan Home

November 2005


Sketch of site and surrounding landscaping.
Ground floor plan.
Floor plan.