Princeton University — new residential colleges built for community

Princeton, NJ
485,000 square feet
Expected completion 2022
Type: Academic

We are currently designing two new residential colleges for Princeton University, each serving 500 students. The 485,000-square-foot project represents a major expansion of the campus and a first step in the university’s upcoming 30-year campus plan.

The colleges maximize connections: to campus, to an intact woodland, to athletics, to recreation, and most importantly, among students. With carefully calibrated gestures, the colleges are designed for a cohesive community organized around the many spheres of undergraduate life. The new buildings will include dining, sleeping, studying, cultural, and social spaces to enrich the daily lives of undergraduates during their four years on campus.

One of the aims of the design is to create places where undergraduate students feel at home on a campus with a welcoming and inclusive university community. The student experience has been a point of critical focus for Princeton and ourselves, along with a rich and varied access to a communal college experience.

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The University has done a lot of thinking and reflection on what it wants to be in the 21st century: diverse, inclusive, a place where all students feel a sense of belonging. We share these values, and are excited to give them architectural expression.

Maitland Jones, Partner


Deborah Berke Partners
Architect, Interior Designer

James Corner Field Operations
Landscape Architect

Programming Consultant

Structural Engineer

ADS Engineers
MEP/FP Engineer

Civil Engineer

Atelier Ten
Sustainability Consultant

Front, Inc.
Facade Consultant

Estimating Consultant

Ricca Design Studios
Food Service Consultant

One Lux
Lighting Designer

R.W. Sullivan
Code Consultant

Theater Projects
Theater Design Consultant