While we work in a broad range of project types and scales, and in varied locations, a series of values underlie our architecture. These themes reflect our approach, our interests, and how we engage design to elevate everyday life.
Transforming Old Buildings
A large portion of our practice involves transforming old buildings for new futures. Often these projects are catalysts in local communities and are a part of a larger renewal strategy. In transforming old buildings for new uses, we give “presence” to the past and reinforce the enduring values of the institutions with which we work.
We find terms like restoration, renovation, and adaptive reuse to be imprecise. We think in terms of reverent or irreverent design approaches to existing built fabric and the frisson created through the successful juxtaposition of old and new.

“Transforming an old structure into something entirely new, a place that no one ever imagined, is perhaps one of the more exciting things we do.”

Terrence Schroeder, Partner

Our work uncovers, peels away, and cuts sectionally to reveal a building’s underlying logic and to create new spatial and programmatic possibilities. Taking buildings apart from the inside out and putting them together again offers countless possibilities for rethinking the spaces of contemporary life.
Given the urbanistic, environmental, and social challenges we face, rethinking existing built fabric is an urgent opportunity.