While we work in a broad range of project types and scales, and in varied locations, a series of values underlie our architecture. These themes reflect our approach, our interests, and how we engage design to elevate everyday life.
Reasserting Place
Our buildings are rooted in their surroundings. Sometimes they draw on and extend the design language of their context; sometimes they create deliberate contrast to redefine a site. In every case, we strive to make buildings that belong only where they are.
We create juxtapositions that feel unexpected yet inevitable. This might be at the scale of furniture or the city, and includes the play of form but also the unfolding of experience.

“Reasserting the here and now, which is the antidote to placelessness and homogeneity, demands absolutely that one avoid predictability. To bring out the here, something might have to be quite unexpected, jarring us into the moment, asserting the now.”

Deborah Berke

We link architecture to place by engaging in a very collaborative design and construction process. This extends to seeking out and working with local trade and craftspeople to bring their “local knowledge” to the project.

For the 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati we found a local porcelain maker in business since the 1860s and developed a suite of tiles in public restrooms around body parts – in this case, an ear.

For the North Penn House in Indianapolis, our client found old-growth heart pine timber from a disused local factory building that we could reclaim and reuse as millwork elements in the home.
For the Rockefeller Arts Center at SUNY Fredonia in western New York, we built on the local expertise in cast-in-place concrete to make something new and “of its place” for the campus.