While we work in a broad range of project types and scales, and in varied locations, a series of values underlie our architecture. These themes reflect our approach, our interests, and how we engage design to elevate everyday life.
Opening to Light
We bring light into a space in unexpected ways. Often from above, but sometimes obliquely, or through a rhythm of solid and void.

“Our best projects collapse an exterior idea with interior spaces to make a rich and complex whole. Views and natural light are the key ingredients for us. Something transformative happens when you design with light.”

Ameet Hiremath, Partner

In one of our early projects at Box Studios, we made natural light the organizing idea for the building. Spaces requiring more light, such as presentation rooms and offices were located around the skylight that travels down through the building. The retouching studio, which needed darkened spaces, resides at the rear of the building.
We are interested in how natural light changes throughout the day and with the turning of the seasons, and from day to night.
Shade is an important counterpoint to light—there can be too much of a good thing. We modulate light and create layered experiences between inside and out, in response to climate and local conditions.