While we work in a broad range of project types and scales, and in varied locations, a series of values underlie our architecture. These themes reflect our approach, our interests, and how we engage design to elevate everyday life.
Living with Art
Since the beginning of our practice, we have worked with art and artists to design spaces for making and viewing art. Many of our early projects were live/work spaces for painters, photographers, and sculptors; these spaces house their work as well as their personal art collections.
Artist friends became clients, because our sensitive approach to design and sympathy with creative people and processes created opportunities for like-minded collaboration.
When we design spaces for art collectors, we design for the collector and their sensibilities rather than just a specific piece of art.

“We are fortunate to do work for clients who have an interest in art. The setting can be a beautiful foil for a collection that can evolve and change over time.”

Kiki Dennis, Partner

Our designs are tailored to center art at the heart of daily life.