Our Firm

We are an architecture and interior design firm of 50 people who share a goal: to create buildings and spaces that are poised between background and foreground, where the presence of architecture is in a constant balance with the forces of life. Our design work is often described as having a refined, elegant aesthetic, but we like to think of it as being both bold and subtle at the same time.

We believe we become better designers by always trying new things, which allows us to bring a fresh eye to everything we do. Starting in 1982, our firm has completed a diverse body of work that ranges from custom furniture to master planning, and everything in between. We enjoy working with individuals, educational institutions, cultural groups, and innovative developers to make private homes, public buildings, facilities for the arts, and distinctive hotels. All our projects share what we call a “knowing simplicity,” a fine and deliberate crafting rooted in how our clients will inhabit the places we design.

While New York City is our home, we have completed projects in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and around the U.S. Some of the places where we are currently working include Taiwan, Arkansas, Berlin, Pennsylvania, and, of course, New York. We have become especially adept at shaping our architectural language, using regional materials and technologies, based on the character of a place, and more importantly, how people live and work there.