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In the Press: Spring Roundup
May 25, 2016

This spring a number of publications included Deborah Berke in their pages. Here are a couple of highlights.

For the March issue of Metropolis, Deborah put together a materials palette, including metal mesh, loosely woven linen, and honeycomb glass. Her selections are “striking and sensual” and combine tactility with refinement. “They must be both, not just one or the other,” she said.

In the April issue of Elle Décor she shared “unconventional wisdom” about her design philosophy, acquiring things, and why houses are more like short story collections than novels. She also shares when she knew she would be an architect: “On summer nights I’d walk around and look at the houses, which were all different. When I was 14, after one of those walks, I told my parents I was going to be an architect.”

Thanks to both magazines for sharing her ideas and our work. See the full features here: Metropolis and Elle Decor.