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Deborah Berke Appears on How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black
March 30, 2017

On March 8, Deborah Berke visited How to Be Amazing, the podcast of comedian, author and actor Michael Ian Black, for a wide-ranging discussion about the role of architecture in everyday life. She shared her views on urban planning and offered sound advice for anyone who wants to follow their passion.

During the course of their conversation, Deborah and Michael considered the definition of architecture. “The very narrow definition is, an architect is somebody licensed by the state to design buildings,” said Deborah. “In popular public conception, architects design buildings… But I think the true broad definition of an architect is the design spectrum from the smallest piece of hardware or furniture all the way to the largest vision of urban planning and regional planning. Because all of those are about three-dimensional reality of things: spaces, materials, movement, light… To me, architecture is a giant bucket full of almost every aspect of designing physical reality.”

Given the Deborah Berke Partners body of work, this analysis rang true to Partner Maitland Jones. “We get to work at many scales,” said Maitland. “Some of our projects operate at the scale of the skyline, and some are quite small or inconspicuous, even. Most of the time, we are asked to design striking impactful spaces, but it’s fascinating to see how even a small move—a detail or an effect of light—can create a lasting impression.”