Making Our Pink Jalk Chair

12 OCT 2012 – Our chair design for the Pink Project is rooted in the form and prominent grain of Greta Jalk’s laminated teak plywood chair. We knew from the beginning we wanted to honor women pioneers in architecture and design and our initial thought was to engrave their names on our chair. At first we considered using high-tech methods such as laser-cutting and mechanized mill-work to imprint the 49 names, because the chair itself is evidence of advanced production techniques. In discussion with the graphic design firm MGMT, we later decided to contrast our method of imprinting the names with the chair’s construction method. We realized that expressing the hand of the artist would humanize the chair.

MGMT suggested that we meet and collaborate with David Newcomb, a fantastic sign painter who has painted for the American Folk Art Museum and other arts organizations. To add to our amazing team, we brought on Alexa Davis from Lillian Heard Studio, a decorative painting specialist, who lent her artistry in staining the bottom of the chair pink while allowing the natural grain to shine through. The result is a reimagined GJ chair that honors women leaders of architecture and design, the inventive craft of the original chair, and the artistry of our talented design team.

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